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April 23, 2010 Huges Auditorium, Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center    
Amber Jolly Cytoplasmic microtubules sliding: An unconventional function of conventional kinesin Northwestern University
Kieran Normoyle Cyclase-associated protein accelerates the role of cofilin- and AIP1-associated actin Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  depolymerization and protects against physiologic polymer concentrations  
Yuyu Song Neuronal stable microtubules are not built in one day: A novel mechanism for microtubule Univ. of Illinois-Chicago
  stability during neuronal development and maturation  
Rebecca Daugherty The actin-binding protein, alpha catenin, inhibits Wnt signaling through direct inhibition of Northwestern University
  RNA synthesis and/or processing  
Keynote lecture   
Timothy Mitchison How does a large cell find its center? Harvard University
  Poster session, food and drinks to follow the talks  
March 26, 2010 Huges Auditorium, Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center    
Sergey Troyanovsky Interplay between dynamics and mechanics of cadherin in adherins junctions Northwestern University
Jeff Schorey Exosomes as regulators of the immune response against mycobacterial infections Notre Dame University
Sergey Kozmin Bistramides: Specific and potent small-molecule agents that target the actin cytoskeleton University of Chicago
Peter Hollenbeck Mitochondria in the axon: Movement and metabolism Purdue University
Anna Huttenlocher Imaging leukocyte motility in zebrafish University of Wisconsin-Madison
October 23, 2009 Huges Auditorium, Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center    
Witchuda Saengsawang Molecular mechanisms for G2α modulation of microtubule dynamics University of Illinois-Chicago
Crista Brawley Unconventional myosin motor tracking on native actin cytoskeletons University of Chicago
Roop Malik Tug-of-war between many dyneins and one kinesin regulates transport and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
  fission of endosomes India
Shabeen Ally Opposite-polarity motors activate one another to drive cargo transport in live cells Northwestern University
Gerardo Morfini Axxon-autonomous effects of mutants SOD1 on fast axonal transport University of Illinois-Chicago
Eric Weiss Cell architecture control by an Ndr/LATs signalling network Northwestern University
September 18 , 2009 Huges Auditorium, Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center  
Sofia Zaichick A 330 KDa viral structural protein is a herpesvirus microtubule motor receptor Northwestern University
Kevin Hamil ß4 regulates keratinocyte lamellipodia formation and persistence in a BPAG1e- Northwestern University
  dependent and plectin-independent fashion  
Xiaoqi Liu Phosphorylation of CLIP-170 by both Plk1 and CK2 is essential for formation of Purdue University
  kinetochore-microtubule attachments  
Teng-Leong Chew Modulation of endothelial contractile function during breast cancer transcellular Northwestern University
Kris DeMali Vinculin regulates cell surface E-cadherin expression University of Iowa
Meg Titus An unconventional myosin required for cell polarization and chemotaxis University of Minnesota


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