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2007-8 Meetings:
September 21, 2007 Lurie Building, Hughes Auditorium    
Ed Campbell Trafficking of TRIMa cytoplasmic bodies during restriction of HIV-1   Northwestern University
Jingsong Xu Directional bias of neutrophil polarity reveals intrinsic cell chirality   University of Illinois Chicago
Margaret Gardel Actin dynamics regulate a biophysical maturation switch in focal adhesion University of Chicago
David Spet The molecular mechanism of Taxol function   Washington University, St. Louis
October 19, 2007 Lurie Building, Hughes Auditorium    
Yvonne Aratyn Intrinsic dynamic behavior of fascin in filopodia   Northwestern University
Wilma Hofmann SUMO 2 and 3: New pieces in the Nuclear Actin Puzzle   University of Illinois-Chicago
Sarah Rice The Mechanism of Kinesin Regulation   Northwestern University
February 15, 2008 Lurie Building, Hughes Auditorium    
Colleen Skau
Building the fission yeast contractile ring:Tropomysoin influences formin-mediated
actin filament assembly
University of Chicago (David Kovar Lab)
Amanda Zubek
Plakoglobin 2 is required for assembly of desmoplakin into desmosome via modulation of PKC and actin   Northwestern University (Kathleen Green Lab)
Wonhwa Cho Expanded role of lipids in cell signaling and membrane trafficking   University of Illinois-Chicago