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Meeting Schedule:          

2:30 - 3:00 pm Arrival, registration, speaker A/V check

3:00 4:00 pm Long talks (15 min each + 5 min for questions)

4:00 - 4:35 pm  Short talks (10 min each + 2 min for questions)

4:50 - 5:50 pm Chicago Cytoskeleton Keynote Address by Tarun Kapoor

Dr. Holly Goodson (Notre Dame University)
hgoodson (at) nd.edu
Dr. Vladimir Gelfand (Northwestern University)
vgelfand (at) northwestern.edu

April, 21st    Poster Contest Winners and Keynote Lecture  2023    
Alexia Caillier (Lab of Patrick Oakes, Loyola University Chicago)   T cells switch migration mode to maneuver complex environments  
Destiny Wallace (Lab of Dileep Varma, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine)   Nuclear Envelope Reformation is Linked to Centromere Assembly  
Enzo Bresteau (Lab of Brian Mitchell, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine)   Macropinocytosis Regulates Membrane Tension During Epithelial Morphogenesis  
Richard Chen (Lab of Courtney Schroeder, University of Texas Southwestern)   Diversification of alpha-tubulin for tissue-specific roles with functional consequences in cancer  
Shreya Chandrasekar (Lab of Patrick Oakes, Loyola University Chicago)   Deciphering the role of RhoA and cell geometry in septin recruitment to the actin cortex  
Shailaja Seetharaman (Lab of Margaret Gardel, University of Chicago)   LIM domain protein FHL2 drives an atherosclerotic phenotype by altering cytoskeleton-adhesion crosstalk  
Tarun Kapoor, The Rockefeller University   Regulating when and where a microtubule assembles: put a gamma-tubulin ring on it  
March, 24th  2023      
Mohan Gupta (Iowa State)   Orchestrating groups of microtubules in a shared cytoplasm  
Luke Rice (UT Southwestern)   Looking under the hood of microtubule dynamics  
Chris Staiger (Purdue)   Cooperative actin filament nucleation in the homeostatic cortical array of plant cells  
Jordan Beach (Loyola Chicago)   Non-muscle myosin 2 filaments are processive in cells  
October, 21st  2022      
Melissa Quintanilla (Lab of Jordan Beach, Loyola University Chicago)   Its a trap! Mechanisms of non-muscle myosin 2 assembly  
Arthur Molines (Lab of Fred Chang, UCSF)   Viscosity decouples microtubule lifetime from polymerization rate  
Ankur Saxena (University of Illinois Chicago)   Heartbreak: A non-canonical role for the cardiomyocyte cytoskeleton in atrial arrhythmia  
Monica Lee (University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine)   Identifying the role of nuclear pore components in vascular function  
Stephanie Eisenbarth (Northwestern University)   The role of the cytoskeleton in dendritic cell migration  
Margaret Gardel (University of Chicago)   How adherent cells find and use their force   
September, 23rd 2022      
Jenna Christensen (lab of Sam Reck-Peterson, UCSD):   Uncovering novel modes and unifying themes of intracellular transport using fungal comparative biology  
Meenal Datta (University of Notre Dame)   Abnormal mechanics in brain tumors: implications for therapy  
    Functions of the small GTPase Rap1 in collective cell migration and tissue morphogenesis  
Jungsu Kim (Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis)   The role of ABI3 in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease  
Kevin Vaughan (University of Notre Dame)   Lysosomal tubulation and neurodegeneration: a novel therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases?  
Chris Staiger (Purdue University)   Cooperative actin filament nucleation in the homeostatic cortical array of plant cells  


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