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Meeting Schedule:          

2:30 - 3:00 pm Arrival, registration, speaker A/V check

3:00 – 5:30 pm five talks with 15 minute break midway

5:30 - 6:30 pm Keynote address

6:30-7:30 pm  refreshments, social hour

Dr. Holly Goodson (Notre Dame University)
hgoodson (at) nd.edu
Dr. Vladimir Gelfand (Northwestern University)
vgelfand (at) northwestern.edu

April 21st, 2017          


Timothy Mullen (Wignall Lab, Northwestern University)

  Minus-end kinesins and SPD-1(PRC1) provide complementary mechanisms to organize acentriolar C. elegans oocyte spindles  
Michael Kelliher (Wildonger Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison)   Polarized dendritic transport in neurons relies on kinesin-1 autoinhibition  

Katie Homa (Kovar Lab, University of Chicago)

  Competition between fimbrin and tropomyosin is required for their proper sorting to distinct F-actin networks in fission yeast  

Sahezeel Awadia (Garcia-Mata Lab, University of Toledo)

  The RhoG exchange factor SGEF forms a ternary complex with two members of the Scribble polarity complex, Scribble and Dlg1 at junction in epithelial cells  
Torey Arnold (Miller Lab, University of Michigan)   Anillin regulates epithelial cell mechanics by structuring the medial-apical actin network  

Keynote Address:

Laurent Blanchoin (CNRS, Grenoble, France)



Directed actin cytoskeleton self-organization, contractility and motility

March 24th, 2017          


Chunhua Zhang (Purdue University)

  Chemical Genetics and Membrane Trafficking Pathways in Plants  
Alexandra Naba (University of Illinois-Chicago)   The Matrisome Project: in silico prediction and proteomic characterization of the extracellular matrix of tissues and tumors  

Marija Zanic (Vanderbilt University)

  Processive motility of multi-motor kinesin-14 teams underlies regulation of microtubule minus-end dynamics  

Bill Bement (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  Pattern formation in cell repair  
Patricia Wadsworth (UMass- Amherst)   Regulation of mitotic motors in mammalian cells  
October 21st, 2016      

Holly Goodson (Notre Dame)

  Interactions between tau and microtubules: old dog, new tricks?  
Alex French (Rock Lab - University of Chicago)   Optogenetically controlled cargo shows full length human myosin VI integrates activation signals in vivo and in vitro  
Daniel Shaye (UIC College of Medicine)   Regulation of tubulogenesis by a formin network in C. elegans  
Jared Cochran (Indiana University)   Noncanonical Microtubule Interaction of Yeast Kinesin-5 Cin8  
Brian Mitchell (Northwestern University)   The microtubule stabilizing protein, CLAMP, regulates planar cell polarity  
Chris Staiger (Purdue University)   Myosin XI plays a role in cellulose production and membrane protein trafficking  
September 23rd, 2016        
Brian Galleta (NIH-NHLBI)   A Detailed Centrosome Interactome Reveals A Novel Role Of Plk4 And Provides Insight Into The Mechanisms Of Human Centrosome Disease  
Ruth Sommese (University of Minnesota)   Dissecting the regulation of myosin motility through the motor-cargo interface  
Colleen Skau (NIH-NHLBI)   FMN2 is a melanoma metastasis-promoter that mediates formation of a perinuclear actin/adhesion system to protect nuclei and DNA from damage during confined cell migration  
Andrei Karginov (University of Illinois, Chicago)   How to train your enzymes: engineered control of protein kinases and phosphatases in living cells  
Spiro Getsios (Northwestern University)   Eph/ephrin signaling in epithelial tissue compartment organization  
David Kovar (University of Chicago)   Single molecule imaging of reconstituted F-actin networks  
March 24th, 2017      
April 21st, 2017        
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