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April 19, 2013

Julian L. Klosowiak (Rice Lab)
Crystal structure of the outer mitochondrial membrane protein Miro

Northwestern University
Angika Basant (Glotzer Lab)
PAR-5/14-3-3 Inhibits cortical association of centralspindlin to limit the site and extent

University of Chicago

of the cytokinetic furrow

Urko del Castillo (Gelfand lab)
Centralspindlin complex regulates microtubule sliding and process formation in

Northwestern University

Drosophila neurons and S2 cells

Cristian Suarez (Kovar Lab)
Dueling nucleation factors: Competition between formin and Arp2/3 complex for actin

University of Chicago


Smith Freeman Lecture David Agard
Howard Hughes Medical and UCSF

Structural basis for microtubule nucleation and prokaryotic tubulin polymerization


March 15, 2013

Kevin Bohannon Illuminating herpesvirus structure and morphogenesis with fluorescence microscopy
Northwestern University
Taviare Hawkins New insights into microtubule mechanics
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Jared Cochran Allosteric communication between nucleotide-sensing switch loops and the filaments
Indiana University

binding interface in kinesins and myosins

Ahna Skop The role of membrane trafficking in asymmetric cell division
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Chris Staiger Actin stochastic dynamics: How plants cope with insults
Purdue University

November 9, 2012

Yuanyi Feng Building the brain by connecting the microtubule and actin cytoskeleton Northwestern University
Xiaoyang Wu nueron Spectraplakins orchestrate cytoskeletal interactions in skin stem cells University of Chicago
Ted Hinchcliffe Radially symmetric cleavage furrow assembly during cytokinesis requires both University of Minnesota

microtubules and Polo-like kinase 1 activity  
Marija Zanic XMAP 215 and EB1 act in synergy to promote microtubule growth Max Planck Inst. of Mol. Cell Biol. Genetics
Kevin Vaughn StARD9 is a novel transmembrane kinesin implicated in the dynamics of lysosomal University of Notre Dame

membranes containing NPC1 and cholesterol  
Jill Wildonger
The role of molecular motors play in building neuronal polarity University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wen Lu Kinesin-mediated microtubule sliding drives axon outgrowth in Drosophila nuerons   Northwestern University
Venkat Maruthamuthu Polarized protrusions and force redistribution guide epithelial cell scattering   University of Chicago
Gant Luxton TAN lines: a novel actin-dependent mechanism for nuclear movement with implications   University of Minnesota

for human disease    
Brian Mitchell The role of microtubule binding protein CLAMP in multi-ciliated cell intercalation and   Northwestern University
  cell polarity    
Ron Rock
Motor and track systems for navigating the cytoskeleton   University of Chicago
Melissa Gardner
The role of minus-end directed motor proteins in spindle assembly during mitosis   University of Minnesota