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April 20, 2012      
Kari Barlan
Regulation of kinesin-1 by the microtubule associated protein, ensconsin
Northwestern University
Maureen Cetera
Cytoskeletal polarization during collective cell migration in the Drosophila egg chamber
University of Chicago
Jessica Henty
Changes in actin cytoskeleton architecture are elicited during plant innate immune response
Purdue University

to Pseudomonas syringae
Special Seminar

Arshad Desai
A new fidelity mechanism operating at the kinetochore during chromosome segregation
Univ of California-San Diego
Dr. Smith Freeman Endowed Lecture

Ron Vale
The initial events in T cell signaling
HHMI Univ of California-San Francisco
March 16, 2011          
Leanne Lash-Van Wyhe
Reinforcing neuronal infrastructure in a mouse model of Lou Gehrig's disease
Van Andel Research Institute
Ann MIller
Regulation of cytokinesis in the intact epithelium by Rho GTPase
University of Michigan
Dawn Clifford Hart
Phospho-regulation of the anillin-related scaffolding protein, Mid1
Grand Valley State University
Kathleen Green
Desmosomal cadherin utilize distinct kinesins to assemble into desmosomes
Northwestern University
Valeria Cavalli
HDAC5 is a novel injury-related tubulin deacetylase controlling growth cone dynamics
Washington University

and axon regeneration

October 21, 2011    
Moe Gupta
Spatial regulation of microtubule dynamics by kinesin-8 Kip3
University of Chicago
Bill Brieher
Biochemical dissection of cadherin-actin interactions
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Greg Voth
A molecular scale perspective on actin filament structure and dynamics
University of Chicago
Kate Eisenmann
A role for mDia formins in epithelial ovarian cancer spheroid invasion
University of Toledo
Erik Dent
Lifting a veil on neurite formation: An F-Bar protein acting unconventionally
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steve Rosenfeld
Switches and transmissions in kinesin motors
Case Western Reserve University
September 16, 2011
Devin Strickland
Optical control of cell signaling in budding yeast
University of Chicago
Dennis Zimmerman
Two transport systems, one goal: How is networking of the cytoskeleton achieved?
Ludwig-Maximilians University
Holly Goodson
The microtubule plus-end tracking protein EB1 binds to actin and promotes actin
University of Notre Dame


Sadie Wignall
Building a spindle without centrosomes: Oocyte meiosis in C. elegans
Northwestern University
Anders Carlsson
Waves and patches of F-actin in dendritic actin nucleation
Washington University, St. Louis
Kurt Amann
Form and function of the bacterial cytoskeleton and their implications for the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  evolution of large, squishy cells like yours