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October 21, 2011    
Moe Gupta
Spatial regulation of microtubule dynamics by kinesin-8 Kip3
University of Chicago
Bill Brieher
Biochemical dissection of cadherin-actin interactions
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Greg Voth
A molecular scale perspective on actin filament structure and dynamics
University of Chicago
Kate Eisenmann
A role for mDia formins in epithelial ovarian cancer spheroid invasion
University of Toledo
Erik Dent
Lifting a veil on neurite formation: An F-Bar protein acting unconventionally
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Steve Rosenfeld
Switches and transmissions in kinesin motors
Case Western Reserve University
Sepetmber 16, 2011
Devin Strickland
Optical control of cell signaling in budding yeast
University of Chicago
Dennis Zimmerman
Two transport systems, one goal: How is networking of the cytoskeleton achieved?
Ludwig-Maximilians University
Holly Goodson
The microtubule plus-end tracking protein EB1 binds to actin and promotes actin
University of Notre Dame


Sadie Wignall
Building a spindle without centrosomes: Oocyte meiosis in C. elegans
Northwestern University
Anders Carlsson
Waves and patches of F-actin in dendritic actin nucleation
Washington University, St. Louis
Kurt Amann
Form and function of the bacterial cytoskeleton and their implications for the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  evolution of large, squishy cells like yours
April 22, 2011
Michael Werner The cytoskeleton promotes the establishment of rotational polarity by connecting Northwestern University

individual basal bodies and regulating their distribution in multiciliated cells  
Rania Rizk
Regulation of anaphase spindle length by the Kinesin-8 Kip3 Northwestern University
Mark Seeger
The Kinesin-1 C-terminal tail is intrinsically disordered Northwestern University
Jessica Henty
ADF4 is important for actin turnover in the cortical array of plant cells Purdue University
  Dr. Smith Freeman Endowed Lecture  
Rebecca Heald
Mitotic Spindle Assembly and Scaling University of California-Berkeley

September 17 , 2010    
Shahir Rizk Generating conformationally specific synthetic antibodies for modulating cytoskeletal University of Chicago
  structure and controlling ligand binding affinity  
Nava Segev Ypt/Rab GTPases and traffic coordination Univ of Illinois-Chicago
Ed Munro Dynamics of cell polarization in the early C. elegans embryos University of Chicago 
Alan Hunt High microtubule growth variability indicates near-kHz assembly kinetics University of Michigan
Primal de Lanerolle A pseudogene that regulates the expression of a cytoskeletal protein in human cancer Univ of Illinois-Chicago 
Michael Glotzer The great divide: Positioning the plane of cell division University of Chicago
October 22, 2010    
Crislyn D’Souza-Schorey
Early events in epithelial gland disruption Notre Dame University
Jon Audhya
From the simple worm to regulatory mechanisms that govern tissue architecture University of Wisconsin-Madison
Magdalena Bezanilla
PI(3,5)P2 is critical for formin function in tip growth University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Beth Weaver
Aneuploidy acts both oncogenically and as a tumor suppressor University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robert Goldman
Insights into the role of intermediate filaments in cell motility: Vimentin assembly Northwestern University

modulates the formation of lamellipodia  
Wei-Lih Lee
Regulated cortical targeting of cytoplasmic dynein in budding yeast University of Massachusetts-Amherst
March 18, 2010    
Chung Tse
Astral microtubules sequester anillin to induce cortical myosin polarization University of Chicago
James Bartles
Stereociliary Defects in Espin-Null Mice: Does Espin’s Cooperative Over-Twisting of Northwestern University
  Actin Filaments Hold the Key?  
Dave Kovar
Fimbrin: To crosslink actin filaments or not? University of Chicago
Jocylyn McDonald
Mechanisms regulating collective cell migration: a new role for Par-1 in actomyosin Cleveland Clinic

Margaret Gardel
Mechanics of the Lamellar Actomyosin Cytoskeleton University of Chicago
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