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2008-9 Meetings:
April 17, 2009 Richard McIntosh has agreed to give our Keynote lecture -- he'll give a full-length seminar.
We are planning four fifteen-minute talks by Chicago Cytoskeleton students/post-docs followed by the Keynote lecture. We'll be choosing some of the student/post-doc talks from the March abstracts/posters, so if you've got something exciting and would like to be considered for a talk, please send your abstract to hgoodson at nd.edu by March 9!
March 20, 2009 5 regular talks followed by POSTER SESSION
Everyone is invited to give new life to an older poster (think of all those ASCB and Biophysics posters you have!) or try out a new one! We'll make a meeting booklet containing all the abstracts, so please send your tile, author list and abstracts to Holly Goodson (hgoodson at nd.edu) ASAP with the subject line "CC abstract." The deadline for having your abstract included is March 9 (two weeks).
October 17, 2008 Lurie Building, Baldwin Auditorium    
Kurt Amann Bacteria Actin Assembly & Structure is Unique from that of Eukaryotic Actins   University of Wisconsin-Madison
Moe Gupta Kinesins and Microtubule Dynamics: Where the Rubber Meets the Road   University of Chicago
Tom Irving Myosin II Acting as "Brakes" Turns on Thin Filaments During Stretch Activation Illinois Institute of Technology
  in Insect Flight Muscle  
Brian Mitchell The Planar Polatiry of Ciliated Epithelia Northwestern University
Dan Szymanski RAC Signaling Scaffolds and the cellular Control of Actin Filament Nucleation in Purdue University
  Arabidopsis Thaliana      
Clark Wells A Novel Lipid Binding Domain that Functions to Maintain Epithelial Polatiry Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ. Indianapolis
September 19, 2008 Lurie Building, Baldwin Auditorium    
Don Ready Lights! Calcium! Action! How flies close their eyes   Purdue University
Bill Brieher Revisiting the Mechanism of Actin Depolymerization   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Erik Dent From Cradle to Grave: Microtubule Dynamics Throughout neuronal Development University of Wisconsin-Madison
Seth Corey The F-BAR Protein CIP4; a New Player in Endocytosis Northwestern University
J. P. Lin Calponin in Non-muscle Cell Motility Northwestern University
Bob Bacallao A Role for Cadherins in Renal Cyst Formation Indiana Univ.-Purdue Uni. Indianapolis